The Wolf of Wall Street Trailer: Filthy, Rich


So Leonardo DiCaprio didn't embody pure opulence enough for you as Jay Gatsby or Calvin Candie? Try Jordan Belfort, an actual guy who made almost $1 million a week working/lawbreaking in finance in the nineties. Because DiCaprio only appears in trailers scored by Kanye West no matter how jarring the juxtaposition may be (recall: Gatsby + "No Church in the Wild"), this one's set to "Black Skinhead" off Yeezus. A lobster gets thrown at someone. A man gets dangled — or thrown — off a building. A woman has stacks of money taped all over her body. Jonah Hill eats a live squirming thing and is a creep. Matthew McConaughey pounds his chest at what appears to be Windows on the World. Leo has a monkey. It's from Martin Scorsese, and it's coming Nov. 15.