Yeezus Has a Few Daft Punk Tracks, More Bon Iver

The non-art for Yeezus.

Kanye West held a Yeezus listening party on Monday night in New York, peeling back a few layers from the super-secret project debuting in seven days. Pitchfork reports that 17-year-old Chicago rapper Chief Keef and Bon Iver's Justin Vernon appear together on a song called "Can't Handle My Liquor." (The latter appeared copiously on My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy.) There's word that Daft Punk worked on three or four songs, which is even better than the vague report that they were somehow involved. Also, Rick Rubin apparently executive produced Yeezus. And that title? "West was my slave name and Yeezus is my god name," Kanye explained, according to a few Twitter folk.