Austenland Trailer: Becoming Jane at Nerd Camp


And in today's second installment of "crushing on Mr. Darcy to an insane and ultimately unhealthy degree," we have the trailer for Austenland, Keri Russell's costume comedy about a girl who goes to Jane Austen Immersion Camp. It's like Lost in Austen, that BBC miniseries you watched on Netflix and swore you'd never tell anyone about, but with a Ren Faire (George Faire?) component. And Jennifer Coolidge. And a British guy who looks astonishingly like Tom Hiddleston but is not, in fact, Tom Hiddleston. Anyway, if you can't make it to the statue, maybe this will do? (Or just wait for Darcy and the Real Girl, in which Keri Russell marries the Mr. Darcy statue and all of London plays along.)