Bill Hader Discusses Writing for ‘South Park’


We reported earlier this month that Bill Hader has joined the writing staff of the show full-time for this season now that he’s left SNL and is on the west coast. Hader has been serving as a consultant and producer on the show for years. Collider caught up with Hader at Comic-Con where he explained what his role in the South Park writers room is:

I just did the retreat. We start up at the end of August. It’s a nice thing because it really is Matt [Stone] and Trey [Parker]. I come in and just help out, and it’s just kind of a roundtable every week. Then you meet six days a week and you just hang out for a couple of hours and work through the episode. We did the retreat. I think we’re in a good place for the season …Vernon Chatman’s in there and he’s kind of a genius and he works so well with them. It’s just finding your place in the room and how you belong and what are you bringing to it and following their wavelength … For me, the reason I love doing it is I  just love the show. I’ve loved the show since it came on, so it’s just an honor to be in the room. I learned so much about breaking story and storytelling and how comedy needs good storytelling and emotion. It really matters. It really, really matters.