Donald Glover Will Only Appear in 5 out of 13 Episodes of ‘Community’ This Year


Even with creator Dan Harmon back on Community for the show’s upcoming fifth season, everything won’t be completely back to normal on the NBC sitcom. Vulture reports that Donald Glover will only be appearing in five of the new season’s 13 episodes. Glover wants to reduce his role on the show so he can focus on his music under alter ego Childish Gambino. The studio behind the show, Sony, had the option to require him to do all 13 episodes, but they cooperated with his wishes to be in the show less and worked out a deal to let him be in the show less. In addition to less Donald Glover, the new season will be featuring a complete lack of Chevy Chase. Will Harmon and Company be bringing in a new cast member or two to fill the Chase/Glover void? There’s no word on any cast additions now, and it’s possible that they’ll just stick with the remaining seven members of the show’s large cast (plus part-time Glover).