A Peek Inside the PIT’s SNL Fantasy Camp


The Village Voice today has a behind-the-scenes look at the People’s Improv Theater writing class “Writing for SNL Fantasy Camp.” The week-long class is run by PIT founder Ali Farahnakian who wrote for SNL in its 1999-2000 season, and is described here as “a soothing, persuasive authority, an energy drawn from the cold fusion when Zen calm meets improv training meets self-help uplift meets entrepreneurial mojo.” (?) Anyway, the week-long class is structured like an average week at SNL, with everything from table reads and dress rehearsals to a guest host and musical guest. The week ends with a mock-SNL, complete with the opening: “Live from the PIT, it’s Saturday night!” If it sounds like a dream come true (and you’ve got $400 to spare), applications are now being accepted for August’s course.