James Franco Will Be Roasted by Comedy Central


James Franco announced via Instagram video last night that he’ll be the subject of Comedy Central’s next roast. The network confirmed the news this morning with an announcement that the roast will tape in LA in August and air on Labor Day (September 2nd). “I’ve dreamed about this Roast for as long as I can remember,” said Franco in the press release. Comedy Central has also acquired the rights to Franchophrenia, the 90-minute documentary Franco directed about his experience as a regular guest star on General Hospital. The network will be airing Francophrenia following the roast. Although James Franco is a walking punchline like recent Comedy Central roast victims Charlie Sheen, Donald Trump, and David Hasselhoff, the Oscar-nominated actor is a loftier choice for a roast subject than the network’s had in recent years and the show will probably draw appearances from the actor’s A-list buddies. There’s no word yet on who Franco’s “roast master” will be, but Seth Rogen feels like an obvious choice.