Looks Like ‘Happy Endings’ Is Done for Good


It looks like Happy Endings didn’t find a new home. After ABC canceled its low-rated cult favorite sitcom in May and negotiations with USA to pick up the show fell through, Deadline reported that the studio was looking for another distributor for the series, citing Netflix and Amazon as possibilities. In a new interview out today with TV Line, showrunners David Caspe and Jonathan Groff say they’re moving on and indicate that Sony’s attempts to find a new home for the show didn’t pan out.

“There were ongoing talks with a lot of places,” Caspe explains. “It just didn’t work out.”  He adds, “The truth is, how many shows have moved networks ever? It’s very difficult to do.” When asked if an Arrested Development-esque reunion someday in the future is a possibility, Caspe replied, “I would never say never to anything. We would always be open to talking about it. But the only way to move on is to move on. We have other stuff that we’ve gotta do … None of us would ever close the door, but I can’t really spend too much time hoping for that.” So, there you have it: after 57 episodes and three critically-acclaimed seasons, Happy Endings has come to an end.