This Week In Web Videos: ‘The Real Rob’


Web series are different from TV shows for lots of reasons: They’re lower budget, they’re shorter, they’re not on TV. Unless you have a Roku or Apple TV or a smart TV something; then you can actually stream them on TV so I guess that part’s not completely accurate. Whatever, they’re definitely shorter and lower budget. What they are not is easier to get off the ground and keep in the public’s eye.

With scores of new web projects bombarding us on every social media channel each and every day, a season of good work isn’t enough to stay top of mind. No, the new model for web success has to be constant viewer engagement, and if creators want their shows to be remembered during the hiatus between season 1 and season 2, they have to be tweeting, Facebook fan paging and vlogging, yes vlogging, to keep interest and attention alive.

I Hate Being Single creator, writer, and star Rob Hugle knows all about these modern demands and that’s why he’s created The Real Rob, a simple, funny vlog that keeps all of our appetites whetted as we anxiously await the next phase of his more impressively produced neurotic musings.

Check out the latest episode where Rob does 27 impressions of his comedy heroes and find out why web success in today’s world isn’t just about being funny. It’s about being a funny machine, relentlessly churning out product, ideally in the form of a very strong John C. Riley imitation like old Robby Hugel here. God, it’s so damn good.