Top 10 Real World/Road Rules Challenge Fights


The fourteen-year legacy of the Real World/Road Rules Challenge is one of epic alcohol consumption, poorly thought-out daredevil competitions that have somehow miraculously not killed anyone (yet), the sadly forgotten craziness of KellyAnne Judd, the never-forgotten treachery of Emily Bailey, and the Zen-like hosting prowess of death-defying host T.J. Lavin. But mostly, it's the fights, those drunken, testosterone-goosed, nonsensical fights — both physical and verbal — that have come to define the series. And with all due respect to a trio of suckerpunches and slaps that just missed the list (Tina punching Beth; Tonya blasting Veronica; Steven slapping Shane), we've arrived at a boiled-down top ten explosions that reflect the best that the Challenge fights have to offer. Read on and thank your lucky stars this show is back for its 23rd installment, Rivals II, which begins tonight on MTV.