Ass Backwards Trailer: Meet Kate and Chloe


Fans of beauty pageants, road trips, and Happy Endings alike are sure to get a kick out of the trailer for Ass Backwards, a movie that SNL alum Casey Wilson and equally funny lady June Diane Raphael wrote and premiered at Sundance. The film focuses on BFFs Kate and Chloe, a duo whose "fragile grip on reality" takes them on a "road trip back to their hometown to claim the beauty pageant crown that eluded them as children." It includes Alicia Silverstone, a motorcycle-riding lesbian, some jail-time makeout sessions, and general calamity. There really aren't nearly enough female buddy comedies out there, so we’re looking forward to welcoming the Chris Nelsondirected movie when it's released on demand on September 30 and in theaters on November 8.