The Best Tweets About Last Night’s Catfish


On last night’s Catfish, we were introduced to Mike and Kristyn. Despite living less than an hour's distance from one another, the heretofore online couple could not see (wink, wink) their way to cementing their three-year online relationship IRL without an intercession from Nev and Max. While the episode's conclusion didn't reach Defcon Framel, Mike did decide he couldn't turn a blind eye to Kristyn's true physical form and chunked her the deuce with a diplomatic, "You didn't ruin my life. Good luck."

There were quotables aplenty ("Danglin' my bait, had a few nibbles," "Lives in St. Clair with horses," "Have fun looking like a pirate for the next six months"), along with mounting concern for Mike's emotional stability (Nev: "He's intense."). Nothing, however, captivated Twitter like Kristyn's glass eye, which served as muse to most of your 140-character paeans.

Good night, Mike and Kristyn.