Brian Regan: ‘Comedy Is Not Supposed to Be a Thing’


“I’ve always found it weird. Comedy is not supposed to be a thing. To me, comedy is a how. Clearly, I’m a comedian and I know that there’s a thing called comedy clubs and stuff like that, but it just seems odd that people would walk into a building and go, ‘We’re going to sit in chairs and laugh.’ And they’re not even really interested in what they’re going to be laughing about! ‘We’re just going to go there and we’re just going to laugh.’ It would be like a club where ‘We’re going to go to this place and cry.’ ‘What are you going to cry about?’ ‘I don’t know. I just feel like crying.’ But the comedy thing, it’s like people don’t even care what they’re laughing at. It’s just ‘We just wanna laugh! We just want our bodies to shake!’”

-Standup Brian Regan to The Georgia Straight about how it doesn’t make any sense that comedy is a real thing.