Chris Hardwick’s Nerdist Empire Adds a Comedy School


Comedian Chris Hardwick continues to tack on new enterprises to his ever-growing company, Nerdist Industries. What started as a podcast and a website in 2008 has since spawned a massive podcast network, a Los Angeles theater, a booka YouTube channel, a movie distribution wing, and three TV shows, and now Nerdist is adding a comedy school. Next month, Nerdist is set to open a Los Angeles school right down the street from Meltdown, the comic book shop that houses Nerdist’s theater. The school will offer classes in improv, sketch comedy, TV writing, storytelling, and animation. The first courses will be a pair of Level 1 improv classes starting in September (more info here), the start to a four-level improv curriculum. At this rate, I wouldn’t be surprised if we see a Nerdist restaurant chain springs up next.