Robert De Niro’s Birthday Dinner Looks Like a Good Time


Many weekends begin with grumbling about having to go to a birthday party at some godforsaken bar in a part of town no one you know actually ever voluntarily visits. And when it’s your turn to have a birthday party, you wrack your brain for ideas on how to make it special, before inevitably falling back on the aforementioned godforsaken bar because — even if it is in a part of town no one likes — it can at least accommodate all of your 200 Facebook RSVPs. Next year, take a lesson from screen legend Robert De Niro, who celebrated his 70th at a nice little restaurant surrounded by his famous friends. As captured in this twitpic by guest Samuel L. Jackson, it seems like renowned bad asses Christopher Walken, Harvey Keitel, and De Niro himself all had a fun night, and they probably didn't even have to drink overpriced craft beer.