Dick Van Dyke Safely Escaped a Fiery Car Accident Yesterday


Dick Van Dyke nearly lost his life yesterday in an accident while driving but is luckily all right. The 87-year-old comedic actor was driving on a Los Angeles freeway last night when the engine of his Jaguar suddenly caught on fire. He was rescued in the nick of time by another driver, one Jason Pennington, who TMZ says, “saw a car full of smoke on the side of the road … and an elderly man hunched over at the wheel … and ran over to discover Dick Van Dyke struggling inside.” Pennington pulled Van Dyke from the car “as flames tore through the engine.”

Van Dyke was slightly disoriented but didn’t need medical attention. He has a pretty good sense of humor about the situation, as evidenced by his picture of his toasted car he tweeted with the caption, “Used Jag for sale REAL CHEAP!!”: