Eminem Is Still Really Into Guitar-Rap Anthems


Eminem's "Survival" — reportedly taken from his TBD eighth studio album — debuted in a distracting way, soundtracking a three-minute ad for a new Call of Duty game, gunshots railing at full blast. Fortunately, a regular audio version arrived shortly after, so now we've got something to really work with. Marshall's not saying a ton here he hasn't already said, but he does allude to the fact he might hang it up soon ("I'm so close to my goals I can almost pole vault over the goal post / And if I don't got enough in the tank maybe I can just siphon enough / to fill up this last can, man will I survive in this climate or what?"). The guitar-oriented, female-backed track is reminiscent of more than a few cuts off the last record — DJ Khalil produced this one, as he did for four of Recovery's standouts, including the Pink-featuring "Won't Back Down" — but at least Eminem still sounds engaged.