Fading Gigolo Trailer: Woody Allen, Pimp


It's hard out there for a pimp, but nobody tell Woody Allen: The 77-year-old plays a flesh-peddler in John Turturro's new film Fading Gigolo, and his sole stud is 56-year-old Turturro. What kind of sexual shenanigans has Turturro scripted for himself here? Well, a threesome with Sofia Vergara and Sharon Stone, for starters. (Nice work if you can get it!) As one of the Woodman's few screen forays in a production he didn't direct, this seems like a fun, loose outing for him; oddly enough, he's co-starred with Sharon Stone in several of those forays (like Antz and Picking Up the Pieces) and they're reunited once again here. It's like that opening scene from Stardust Memories — where Stone cameoed in her first screen role as a young woman Woody wants — had a happy, fruitful ending!