Here Is the Mumford & Sons Music Video in 5 GIFs


Mumford & Sons are here to clear up some things about Mumford & Sons. First of all, they don't actually sell artisan pickles out of a wooden cart in Wiliamsburg, Virginia. Secondly, they're in on the joke. That joke I just made and the joke that they appear to have emerged from a time machine accidentally sent from the twenties. They're so in on the joke, in fact, that they hired your favorite comedy bros to wreck a few banjos and pretend that they actually listen to Mumford & Sons. What other stereotypes do they tackle?

Mumford and Sons are an old timey barbershop band!

...Who really love their banjos.

Oh, nevermind.

They actually really love long beards and each other.

They really, really love each other: