Last Night on Chelsea: Jennifer Aniston Reacts to Nudist Rumors and Katie Couric


Jennifer Aniston sat down with Chelsea Handler last night, and the chat veered far, far from her new film, We're the Millers, to dark, salacious territory. Confronted with Star magazine's "reportage" of Aniston and husband Justin Theroux's nudist lifestyle, the actress rolled her eyes and set the record straight: "That's absolute B.S. ... Imagine us with the chickens ... we're like collecting eggs naked?" (Yes, they're raising chickens now.) Aniston also gave Katie Couric, who'd earlier questioned Handler about the bachelorette party that's rumored to be a sore spot for Courtney Cox and Chelsea, a nice whack: "What's Katie Couric? Is she a legitimate journalist? Is she getting tabloidy?" Watch below: