Jerry Seinfeld on Why Modern Late Night Talk Shows Make Him Sad


The Hollywood Reporter has an excellent, lengthy interview with Jerry Seinfeld out today, and in it, he talks about why modern late night talk shows just aren’t the same:

“Most talk shows leave me with a sad feeling, and I don’t think that’s the goal. When I was a comic in the 1980s, I was on the road somewhere every day, and I’d get back to the hotel and it was Carson and Letterman, and I looked forward to that all day. Those shows made me happy. I’m not quite sure what happened. It’s probably just proliferation and fragmentation …These shows are promotional vehicles for the industry. They’re not talk shows, per se, they’re kind of setup talk shows. ‘I’m gonna ask you this, then you say that.’ The shows are pretty cheap, too, so until it becomes an unworkable business model, I don’t think you’ll see change. Same as the movie business. Until this thing implodes from within, which feels like it’s not too far off.”