Josh Gad on Playing Sam Kinison


Last week, it was announced that Josh Gad (The Book of Mormon, 1600 Penn) will be playing Sam Kinison in director Larry Charles’s biopic of the late comedian. Collider caught up with Gad and asked him whether he hesitated about taking the job. “There was 99% hesitation, 1% desire to do it, and that’s why I took the role,” Gad replied. “When something scares you to death as an actor, that’s kind of when you’ve got to do it because you’re so terrified and it means you’re probably gonna do your best work,” he added. “I met with Larry Charles long before we announced it and we talked it through and we worked through it and it felt right.” When asked if he’s been practicing the Kinison scream, Gad said, “I wouldn’t take the job unless I practiced the scream.”