Michael Schur Talks About Andy Samberg Playing a More Grounded Character in ‘Brooklyn Nine-Nine’

I think he likes goofing around a lot. Like he looks goofy in three-minute videos. And there were a lot of similarities i between what the kind of thing he was looking to do and the kind of thing Amy was looking to do when we started Parks and Rec. You work at SNL for seven years and you have a great time. And you do a lot of sketches and you get to do a lot of really fun stuff but when you leave that world the last thing you want to do is play a sketch character for another seven years. What was exciting to Amy and what is exciting I think to Andy is like this is a real character. He gets to do a real character now who has a life and a soul and an inner life and who gets to slowly change and evolve over the course of hopefully many years. That’s what makes sense as the next step to take for people who leave SNL. That’s how I felt when I left as a writer: “I can write something longer than ten pages?” It’s amazing.