New E-Book ‘Searching for Dave Chappelle’ Out Today


The NY Times’ comedy critic Jason Zinoman has written a new e-book, called Searching for Dave Chappelle, that comes out today and dives deep into the comedian’s life and the reasons behind his disappearance from the spotlight in 2005 with extensive reporting. At 54 pages, the book is available online for $2.99. In addition to the book, Zinoman has a NY Times piece out today about Chappelle’s return to to the public eye for an upcoming high-profile 15-city tour for Funny or Die and what his new act looks like.

Check out the full book cover and a chapter listing below:

Chapter listing:

Chapter 1 - Garvin’s BoysChapter 2 - The Souls of Black ComicsChapter 3 - A Tale of Two SetsChapter 4 - The First Time Dave Chappelle Quit ComedyChapter 5 - Operation Household NameChapter 6 - The Bobby Fischer TheoryChapter 7 - Escape from New YorkChapter 8 - When Keeping It Real Goes WrongChapter 9 - The $50 Million QuestionChapter 10 - Laughing Wild