Rashida Jones Is Developing a New Show for the CW

Photo: Larry Busacca/Getty Images

Now that Rashida Jones is leaving Pawnee, we can expect her to use that two-year pod deal from Warner Brothers to focus on her writing. The Parks and Rec star just sold an hour-long dramedy titled Ladyballs to the CW, a script order that marks a second sale for her and Celeste & Jesse Forever writing/producing partner Will McCormack (Fox gave the pair a put-pilot commitment for a comedy called Stuck).

From the description, Ladyballs seems like pretty standard fare for the younger-skewing network:

It “revolves around two twenty-something estranged friends in search of love in New York who are reunited after learning that they've been dating the same guy. When their plot to humiliate the two-timer goes viral, they realize the ‘payback’ business is a lucrative one and set up a clandestine business to continue bringing down the hand of justice for those who have been wronged.”

To write and produce this revenge dramedy, Jones will get help from Jeff Grosvenor, Daniel Dubiecki and Kara Taylor, as well as older sister Kidada Jones, who adds a producer credit alongside “model/actress/fashion designer.”