‘The Simpsons’ Is the Only Thing That Matters to James Deen


Porn star James Deen did a cool interview with Gawker today, in which his adoring love for The Simpsons came up. When asked if he ever feels bad when people dismiss or judge him because of his job, Deen replied:

Not really. What the hell do I care what these people think? If it’s not on The Simpsons it doesn’t exist and most of the people I meet aren’t on The Simpsons. If I met Alec Baldwin and he made me feel like shit I might be a little hurt, because he was on The Simpsons. What do I care if some producer who worked for Steven Spielberg says something insulting? Who cares? You’re not on The Simpsons, go fuck yourself.

James Deen got to live out his Simpsons fantasies a couple years ago when he played Moe the bartender in a nightmare-inducing Simpsons porn parody.