Spend Two Minutes With Jane Lynch As She Plays the ‘Stripper Name’ Game


In Jill Soloway's "deliciously suggestive" new dramedy, Afternoon Delight (out today in theaters), Jane Lynch has a scene-stealing supporting role as the self-involved therapist to our lead Rachel (Kathryn Hahn), a stay-at-home mom who attempts to revive her sexually depleted marriage by taking in a young stripper (Juno Temple). Consider that logline the jumping-off point for this exclusive Vulture video, in which Soloway coaxes Lynch to play the "stripper name" generator, generating ever more absurd results with first-name/last-name prompts like "first perfume/ western state" and "favorite fruit/favorite shoe." A few of the prompts almost seem to stump Lynch — you don't ask a lesbian to name her preferred brand of birth control, for one — but does it surprise you that the host of Hollywood Game Night remains hilarious throughout? Press play and enjoy two minutes of your own afternoon delight.