What’s New on Netflix Streaming: August 2013


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The beginning of every month sees additions to (and sometimes subtractions from) Netflix streaming's library. Here is a quick list of new movies that you might be interested in.

Best Worst Movie, the 2009 documentary about the trash cult classic Troll 2.
• Born on the Fourth of July, the 1989 Oliver Stone movie starring Tom Cruise.
• The Breakfast Club, the 1985 John Hughes Saturday detention classic.
• Chitty Chitty Bang Bang, the 1968 Dick Van Dyke–starring children's movie about a flying car.
• Clockers, the 1995 Spike Lee joint based on the Richard Price novel.
• Days of Thunder, the 1990 Tom Cruise auto racing movie.
• Desperado, the 1995 Robert Rodriguez–directed sequel to his low-budget hit El Mariachi.
• A bunch of James Bond movies that have previously been added then removed then added then removed from Netflix.
• Do the Right Thing, the 1989 Spike Lee classic.
• Event Horizon, the 1997 demonic space-horror movie starring Sam Neill and Laurence Fishburne
Night Watch
, the 2004 Russian-language supernatural action movie directed by Timur Bekmambetov, who would go on to direct Wanted and Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter.
• Running Scared
, the 1986 Billy Crystal–Gregory Hines buddy-cop comedy.
• Zodiac,
the 2007 David Fincher masterpiece about the San Francisco serial killer.

And then finally, as our readers have pointed out, Breaking Bad, season 5A.

Get New on Netflix delivered every month.