You Had To Be There #112: Where Are My Omelettes?


This week, after a stumbly start, Sara and Nikki call out the trap of striving to be cool and look ahead to the outlandishly busy coming week. The obvious pinnacle of your humble hosts’ next few days is their opportunity to attend the VMAs with handsome hamsters and every famous person on the face of the planet. Amidst their anticipation, the ladies manage to include a loving Beatles rant, live coverage of a GIFfinated Sara blowin’ up the Internet, and a request for Netflix horror-doc suggestions, the sadder the better.

Hey, you know that special feeling you get on a summer Monday night when you look up at the darkening (NYC-area) sky and listen to the far off cry of a Mister Softee truck and you suddenly just need to be in a Times Square TV studio, laughing, chatting, catching free t-shirts with scores of new friends?  I think I’ve got just what you need.

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