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are there jamie? it's me lena

A Young Lena Dunham Asked Time Out New York’s Sex Columnist for Advice

Lena Dunham used today's "Throwback Thursday" as an excuse to reveal herself as one of the many letter writers to Time Out New York's longtime sexpert Jamie Bufalino. "What a rite of passage! I feel like I'm in a Judy Blume novel: Are You There Jamie? It's Me, Margaret." (Well, it's Lena, but it was an anonymous letter.) In that letter, she writes that she's a 19-year-old virgin and wants to know the "proper etiquette" for losing it. Bufalino responds: "There will be no deadline-setting or peer-pressuring. You will simply live your Intermix-clad, iPod-accessorized, O.C.-obsessed life until you meet a young man who doesn't give a whit about your sexual status, but just wants to express his love for you through three timid thrusts and a premature ejaculation." (Really good advice!) To which, present-day Lena Dunham writes: "Thank you, bro." Read the full letter (and its answer!) below.

And here's Jamie's reply:

Photo: HBO