Bill Hader Says James Franco Had Never Seen a Roast Before His Own Roast


On Jimmy Kimmel Live last night, Bill Hader was discussing Monday night’s Comedy Central’s James Franco roast and said that Franco had never seen a roast before doing it. Hader recounted a conversation with Franco that occurred at the event seconds before going onstage. Hader said, “We’re about to go out, and he’s like, ‘Hey, so what happens at these things?’ He had never seen one before! And then he goes, ‘Wait, are they gonna bust on you or they just bust on me?’ I was like, ‘You are the weirdest guy I know. You are so weird.’”

Check out Hader’s Kimmel interview below, which also includes a fun story about him working as a production assistant on the 2001 James Dean biopic James Franco starred in, with Hader reminiscing about how Franco stayed in character as James Dean when the cameras were off: