See Breaking Bad Choose Your Own Adventure Books


As Breaking Bad comes to an end, Walt is finally seeing how bad his choices have been. It's easy to judge him, but if you were facing a death sentence, needed to make money for your family, and had a talent for science, what would you have done differently? It's a compelling question, one that AMC should capitalize on with its own line of classic Choose Your Own Adventure books. There could be books for different characters, like You Are a Scumbag Lawyer ("If you decide to launder the money, turn to page 12 ... "). And you could put yourself in all your favorite Breaking Bad situations: You are Jesse in Escape From the Neo-Nazi Pit ("If you eat Todd's ice cream, turn to page 53 ... "). We had Vulture contributor Jon Defreest mock up a few covers. Demand them at your local bookstore!

Photo: Jon Defreest