New York ‘Comedy Club’ To Open For Doll Standup Fans


New York City plays home to some weird comedy shows, but this one is by far the creepiest. An art installation called “Comedy Club” will open in October in midtown Manhattan, and will allow anyone to pop in and perform standup for an audience of dolls. 30 dolls will be gathered around the stage, and the “audience” response sounds of laughter, coos, or wails will be piped in.

New York comedian Jo Firestone is behind the exhibit, and will be controlling the doll’s reactions. The idea is for regular New Yorkers “to experience this silly, silly environment,” she says. “There’s a lot of painful and uncomfortable things in the world, and this is really the stupidest thing you can do with your day.” She also says some of her comedian friends have promised to try it during the 12 days it’ll be around.