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Here Is Drake’s Nothing Was the Same If It Were Written in Emoji

As New York Magazine's own Jody Rosen wrote in his review of Nothing Was the Same, "Drake’s triumph … has been to shift the terms of rap authenticity from Jay Z-style street bona fides to soul-baring honesty — to emotional authenticity, or at least the pretense of it." Put another way: Drake raps about feelings. And in 2013, what better way is there to summarize feelings than with emoji? Exactly. So in honor of Drake's latest confessional, here is a selected emoji recap of the new album. [Crying face.] [Laughing face.] [100 percent sign.]

"Tuscan Leather":

"Started From the Bottom":

"Wu-Tang Forever":

"Worst Behaviour":

"From Time":


"Too Much":

"Hold On, We're Going Home":

Photo: Maya Robinson and SplashNews