Eddie Izzard Says He’ll Run For Mayor of London in 2020


British superstar comic Eddie Izzard said today that intends to run for mayor of London in 2020. At the annual party conference for the Labour Party in the UK, Izzard said that he hopes to be the party’s candidate in eight years. “Eddie is a man of enormous substance, generosity and conviction,” said MP Tessa Jowell, who is expected to run for the job in 2016. “His decision to do this is a vote of confidence in Labour.” The position of Mayor of London was only established in 2000, and is currently held by former journalist Boris Johnson, who is himself a colorful figure in British pop culture.

On Izzard’s webiste, a section entitled Politics reads, “Eddie is passionate about politics in the US and especially Europe. In this section of the site, coming soon, he will be sharing his ideas and thoughts.”