Here’s the First Single Off Tim Heidecker and Davin Wood’s New Album


Tim Heidecker’s soft rock band with composer Davin Wood, Heidekcer & Wood, is set to release their second album, Some Things Never Stay the Same, in November, and here’s the first track. It’s a cheesy ‘70s rock song called “What Else Is New?” that’s definitely toeing the line between comedy and music at times.

Here’s a description of Heidecker & Wood’s new album from a press release:

Let’s lay it all out on the table: this is the self-indulgent sophomore album. The horns, the female back-up singers, the songs about life on the road and redemption for indiscretions that remain vague to protect the innocent, but mostly the guilty. It’s by turns pompous, funny, overproduced, underbaked, overly serious and not serious enough. All in a good way, of course!