How Long Can Brody Survive on Homeland?

Photo: Daniel Boczarski/2013 Getty Images

Homeland returns next week, and despite the show's high body count, one character has been kept alive: Nicholas Brody. At least, he's alive for now. Star Damian Lewis tells Men's Journal, "I think simply for creative and artistic reasons, the writers want to kill me." But they don't, partially because Brody is so popular. "The more compromised storytelling is to keep him alive and to keep him bubbling along somehow. It's the executives who write that version," Lewis says. But the executives can't write that version forever. The clock really is ticking down for Brody, admits Homeland co-creator Alex Gansa. "At some point, that Carrie-Brody relationship is just going to be exhausted. And the show will morph into something else," Gansa says. Maybe it could morph into a more Saul-centric show! After all, if Breaking Bad's Saul can get a prequel, why not Homeland's?