Matt Groening Talks the Future of ‘Futurama’


Long-running series Futurama ended its run last night after Comedy Central opted to cancel the show in April (marking its second cancelation), but will Futurama rise from the dead again as it did when Comedy Central picked it up in 2010? Creator Matt Groening tells Zap2It that he’s open to continuing the series, but beyond a Futurama crossover on The Simpsons set for late this coming season, there aren’t plans for the show to keep going.

Speaking on the finale, Groening said, “There is a finality to this episode, although we have painted ourselves into so many corners that we manage to jump out of.” He added, “Every time we’ve been cut short before, we felt very unhappy that we weren’t able to tell more stories, and I think this last go-around we finally got out a lot of stories that we’ve had in mind since the very beginning of the show.” It’s anyone’s guess as to whether Adult Swim or Netflix or whoever would end up reviving the show, but Groening explained that the main reason to keep Futurama going is that the staff really enjoys working together:

The people that work on the show – the actors, the writers, the animators, everybody – loves doing it and we all get along. It’s the dream team and it would be a shame if we all went our separate ways forever. We’d like to do it for the pal reasons, the friendship reasons. We don’t have a place to go yet, but maybe. It’s not over anyway because there’s always the reruns and the DVDs and fan art and all that. And I’m sure the comments will never end as people dissect these episodes.