Watch a Deleted Scene From Now You See Me


Now You See Me shocked and amazed by making $117 million in grosses appear this summer with no brand names or superheroes up its sleeve. And now, for its next trick: today’s Blu-ray release, complete with deleted scenes! The one seen here takes place on the day of the Four Horsemen’s third and final act: The FBI is in hot pursuit of the magicians because their tricks walk a fine line between illusion and robbery, but one member of the supergroup, Jack Wilder (Dave Franco), is feeling underappreciated and “scared shitless” about the possibility of ending up in an escape-proof cell. Prepare to be amazed at the rapid-fire retorts flung by his partners, Woody Harrelson, Jesse Eisenberg and Isla Fisher, when he dares to demand a little respect. Tough call on which barb would make him want to disappear from the room more — being offered a tampon or more bronzer. The Blu-ray combo pack contains this clip as well as other deleted scenes, an extended director’s cut with sixteen minutes of never-before-seen footage, and more features.