Penn Badgley Has a Sex Tip for You, Guys

Penn Badgley. Photo: Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images

Are you looking to improve your sex life? Let Penn Badgley help. At Esquire's 80th anniversary party last night, we asked him what the best advice he ever got from a men's magazine was, and he had this to say:

Badgley: From a men’s magazine? The best advice? Um … hold on. I have a good answer here. Hold on. The best advice I ever got from a men’s magazine. [Looks at publicist.] Can I?
Publicist: Yes. Go. This is definitely rated R or X.
Badgley: Don’t come first? [Laughs.] I just want to be clear: I didn’t need a men’s magazine to tell me that.

Amen, Penn Badgley.