Prisoners Breaks Out at Weekend Box Office


After all the excitement surrounding it at the Toronto Film Festival, kidnapping drama Prisoners finally opened in first place at the box office this weekend with $21.4 million. Another newcomer, dance flick Battle Of The Year, took fifth place with $4.5 million. In between those two was last week’s winner, Insidious: Chapter 2, which fell to second place with $14.2 million, bringing its cumulative earnings to $50.5 million. In third place, The Family only made $7 million its second week out — or half as much as its opening week — leaving its cumulative number at $25.6 million. Bilingual crossover Instructions Not Included, now in its fourth week, took fourth place with $5.7 million this weekend, which means it has now earned $34.2 million total.

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Prisoners Breaks Out at Weekend Box Office