This Week In Web Videos: ‘Japanese Commercial Reel’


George Kareman. George Kareman. George Kareman. George Kareman. Tired of reading George Kareman’s name yet? Well then maybe you shouldn’t look at the credits in any TV show or movie or awesome web video ever again because I’m predicting this lad will have his name in bold quite a bit in the months to come, especially after releasing gems like Long Haired Businessmen earlier this year and now splashing onto the scene with Japanese Commercial Reel which is one of the funniest, most creative, brilliantly executed production-intensive projects I’ve seen in a while. Kareman’s small but powerful body of web work has proven — I think undeniably — that he’s got the goods: acting chops, writing skills, and a knack for tonal consistency that would make Vince Gilligan cream his pants. If Vince Gilligan were still able to be aroused. (It’s explained in the last episode). Kareman has always been a proponent of the “just make it” school, courageous enough to spend time and effort on any idea he’s passionate about. He does it for the love, as any true artist would and he takes his time. Take one look at his latest project and you’ll realize, that ain’t a bad model to follow. George Kareman. Get used to reading it!