Aziz Ansari Has His Sights Set On Broadway


This week’s New York Magazine profiles Aziz Ansari on a recent visit to New York, and drops a few hints about Ansari’s plans for the future:

In addition to his new material, which he hopes to eventually perform on Broadway, Ansari is planning to write a book about modern dating, working with academics to answer some of his questions with actual numbers.
Ansari records all of his shows and often reviews one before the next. When he forgets to tape his second drop-in on Saturday […] he spends the whole walk to the next theater trying to reconstruct it in his head.
Parks and Recreation co-star Nick Offerman has his own theories about his co-star’s personal life: “It must have been a great deal of fun to be at that young age and to be handed the success of something like Parks. So I would hope that he sowed some wild oats about the country, enjoying the relatively unattached status that he boasted.”