Bobby Cannavale Gave His Emmy to His Mother

Bobby Cannavale. Photo: Bruce Glikas/2013 Bruce Glikas

Remember when Bobby Cannavale called Rose Byrne the "love of his life" during his Emmys acceptance speech? You were baffled because you didn't even know those two were a couple, but also touched because, How sweet was that? And so began a narrative: Despite all his gruff roles, Bobby Cannavale is a deeply sensitive man. We got further proof of this yesterday, when Cannavale told us that he gave his Emmy to his Mom. "My mom loves having it," he said at a lunch hosted by the Peggy Siegal Company in honor of Blue Jasmine (Cannavale stars as a rough-neck boyfriend). "There are like ten ladies that my mom works with whose Facebook picture, their profile picture, is them holding my Emmy. So that's way more joy than I'm going to get out of the Emmy." Would he consider holding his Emmy in his own profile picture? "Obviously not," he said. But he did admit to taking a selfie with the award on Emmy night. "I have a pretty good selfie, you want to see a cool picture?" he said, pulling out his phone to show us. "It's the only selfie I have with the Emmy ... me and Jeff Daniels. Doesn't Jeff look like a blond Henry Winkler? Look how happy he looks!" Gruff and sensitive.