See Breaking Bad As a Text-Based Computer Game


Walter White’s Breaking Bad adventures may be over on TV, but we’re hungry for more. Why not do what most successful movies would and spin off a video game? But not a fancy, Grand Theft Auto–caliber Xbox 360 game. No, any game associated with the series should be as un-glitzy as a pair of tighty-whities; it should be old-school and craggy, like Walter White. In other words, there should be a Breaking Bad version of Zork.

Zork, of course, was an interactive game developed in the early days of personal computers that rolled out the action via green text on a black screen and allowed you to make thrilling decisions for a treasure-hunting adventurer. The text-only game was released with great success by Infocom in 1980 — roughly the time that Walter White, born in 1959, would have been finishing college. College students loved Zork. It all fits.

So what would a text-based version of Zork set in the Breaking Bad universe look like? One that Walter White would easily be able to solve, judging by the following scenes devised by Vulture.