Comedy Central Orders a Pilot Starring Dominic Dierkes and Sean Clements


Comedy Central has picked up Checked Out, a pilot created by Workaholics executive producer Craig DiGregorio that will star Dominic Dierkes (Mystery Team) and Sean Clements. Deadline reports that Dierkes and Clements will play cousins “trying to manage a youth hostel without fully understanding youth, managing, hostels, or how people normally behave.”

Instead of pitching the show to the network, DiGregorio shot an pilot presentation with Dierkes and Clements to show Comedy Central, and snuck in a cameo from Billy Zane, who is in talks to reprise his part in the Comedy Central pilot. Dierkes and Clements, who both write for Workaholics, perform improv together at the UCB Theatre LA show, Shitty Jobs.