Dan Harmon Has More Unkind Words for ‘Community’ Season 4


Community creator Dan Harmon, who said a bunch of harsh stuff about season four of the show over the summer and instantly apologized, is saying a bunch of harsh stuff about that Harmon-less season again. While he previously compared watching the fourth season to watching his family get raped, he’s making analogies between season four and serial killer Jeffrey Dahmer this time around. Harmon recently took to a subreddit thread called “Unpopular Opinions About the ‘Unpopular Opinions About Community’ Thread, upset over a couple people saying season four was bad because of flaws in season three, and started interacting with fans.

Check out the best of Harmon’s recent Reddit posts below:

If I see one more pseudo scientific observation that season 4 was season 3’s fault I’m going to make every episode of season 5 about the teenagers from season 2.
Well, to be more specific at the risk of being provocative, they told us to be prepared for the possibility of doing two more. Keeping in mind that possible is different from likely. It’s possible I could live to 110, and not likely.Right now I don’t think there’s anyone that knows what’s going to happen with the schedule, I think everyone’s waiting for more variables to be defined.