Emile Hirsch Cast as John Belushi in Biopic


Into the Wild star Emile Hirsch will play John Belushi in the upcoming biopic about the late actor’s life, THR reports. Steve Conrad wrote the script and will direct the independent film, which will focus on Belushi’s life during his SNL/Blues Brothers fame and his shocking death. Joaquin Phoenix and Workaholics’s Adam DeVine were also reported to have met with the director about taking the role.

Conrad’s previous writing credits include The Weather ManThe Pursuit of Happyness, and Ben Stiller’s upcoming Secret Life of Walter Mitty.  Unlike the last Belushi biopic, 1989’s Michael Chiklis-starring Wired, the new one has the approval of the comedian’s friends and family. His widow Judy Belushi Pisano will serve as a producer and Dan Aykroyd as an executive producer. Actor Nelson Franklin (Veep, The Millers) is in talks to play Aykroyd in the movie.