The Entourage Movie Is Back On

Photo: HBO

Oh, yeaaaah. The Entourage movie is on. Last night, the show's creator, Doug Ellin, tweeted, "It's a go. love you all," before taking a shot of Patron and throwing the glass over the edge of his infinity pool. As was speculated, the holdout came from the non–Jeremy Piven actors wanting Piven-like money. The fight specifically was over backend points, as the studio would not budge on the agreed-upon $30 million budget (remember that half of that is allocated to sunglasses, bathing suits for the female extras, and cologne). However, it's Entourage, so everything worked out! The film was scheduled to start shooting in January anyway, so there will be no delays. There's no word yet on the plot, but it will probably involve Vince holding out for more backend on some movie version of a TV show, while Turtle drives him to buy new sunglasses and cologne.