Kevin James Is Working on a 10-90 Sitcom

Photo: Stephen Lovekin/Getty Images

The 10-90 model (a show shoots ten episodes without a pilot and if it meets a ratings threshold, it instantly gets 90 more), which was introduced with Tyler Perry's House of Payne, became all the rage after Charlie Sheen used it for Anger Management. George Lopez, Roseanne Barr, and the pairing of Martin Lawrence and Kelsey Grammer all have one in development. Up next is Kevin James. James, a multi-camera sitcom veteran, what with King of Queens running for over 200 episodes, hasn't tried his hand at TV since that show's finale in 2007. In the time since, James once appeared on a movie-star trajectory, after Paul Blart: Mall Cop blarted to a $146 million domestic gross. However, after the disappointing The Dilemma, Zookeeper, and Here Comes the Boom, TV is seeming like a better and better option. There's no concept yet, but a zoo cop who learns to wrestle to fund said zoo while his wife cheats on him sounds good to us.